Why we’re different

Help us encourage San Diego Unified School District to have a higher standard for sex education.

Our goal is to counter an extreme sex education curriculum, with respect and common sense.

We do not need or want organizations like Advocates for Youth, promoting a “sexual rights” agenda and sexualizing our youth in their pursuit of a free public education.

Respect culture begins with respecting the power and purpose of sex, respecting students, respecting parents and respecting boundaries.

San Diego Unified School District

San Diego Unified’s current comprehensive sexuality education curriculum is not “values free,”  was not transparently adopted, puts kids in harms way, and is too much, too soon.


Students deserve a quality, holistic well-vetted, evidence based curriculum.  One that has the highest standard for sexual health, and respects adolescent brain development.

We recognize

the importance of teaching youth that sexual health is about more than latexed pleasure. We don’t want our children to see themselves as sexual objects or have their natural inhibitions hindered. This casual, loveless approach is not what our youth needs and it is time to change.

Students in grades 6-12

are primarily minors (ages 11-17) and cannot give consent to curriculum or legal consent to sex. Therefore, curriculum related to sexual health must tread carefully. It should equip students to protect their health, but do no harm in the process.

Get Informed

Adolescent brains process information differently than adult brains.

Exposure to adult sexual behavior can do harm. The current curriculum incorporates explicit and in many cases pornographic content. Sexual scenarios are role played out in many lessons. Students are instructed to use “educational” websites, with graphic, erotic and pornographic material. Sex ed should not be an introduction to porn! Porn is bad for kids and does not promote sexual health.

Sex education curriculum needs to be carefully and transparently selected. It should be age appropriate, medically appropriate and represent our shared community values.

Help us encourage San Diego Unified School District’s Board of Education to have a high standard for sex education curriculum, and encourage them to suspend the current extreme curriculum, for one that respects students, parents & boundaries.