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SDUSD’s “Oversexed Ed” – Respect Culture

“SDUSD’s Oversexed Ed”


This extreme sex ed program unnecessarily sexualizes our kids in their pursuit of a free public education. Some of the content appears reasonable, academic and appropriate at first, until you scratch the surface and begin to see the garbage below. A curriculum minimally, should resemble what a medical doctor would be discussing with our children, at an age appropriate time, and based on their individual maturity – NOT what one might find in an adult bookstore.


While appropriate to instruct 6th graders that they should wait to engage in oral, anal and vaginal sex (only after some revisions were made), why does the curriculum suggest that children stimulating one another’s pleasure zones is ok?  When asked of an 8th grader what if a condom demonstration took place, the reply was, “yes, they used a wooden dildo and called it Woody.”  These aren’t adults who can give consent to the content in the curriculum.  They are minors.  They cannot opt themselves out if they feel uncomfortable.


In July of 2017, a group of parents presented materials to the San Diego Unified School District’s Board of Education as examples of how the curriculum and support content went too far (View Article Here), “How to Have a Healthy Hook-up,” and “DIY Sex Toys,” the district official in charge of the curriculum stated that the samples from the websites that were not the ones intended.  That is not factual.  The examples were from district approved “vetted” websites, scarleteen.com and breakthecycle.org.


The samples of cartoon porn are from the website Amaze.com, which the curriculum provider Advocates for Youth co-sponsors.  It was defended at the board meeting and will be used as a resource based on teacher’s discretion.  Amaze’s YouTube channel frequently populates with adult porn and predation/trolling is common in the comment section.  Porn is bad for our kids (View Article Here) and is not good sex ed!  We need to stand against this together and be a voice for our children.


If we don’t set a high standard for what is appropriate and protect our children, who will?  This is a radical sex ed agenda.  Our kids are facing enough challenges negotiating adolescents and parents are doing their best to help their children mature.  We do not need school districts complicating this with an extreme curriculum.


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