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Curriculum Provider

Advocates for Youth is providing the Comprehensive Curriculum:

Future of Sex Ed & National Sexuality Education Standards:

Website Samples

Here are some websites related to the curriculum:

Curriculum Examples

• Introduces adult sexual behavior (anal, oral & vaginal sex) to children as young as 11 (6th grade)


• Presents mutual masturbation, bathing together and “dry sex,” as age appropriate ways for middle schoolers to express affection until they are ready for intercoursed sex


• Undermines the value of delaying sexual activity and makes it appear as if early initiation is peer normative


• Promotes a casual sex mindset (healthy “hook-up”), contributing to misogyny, sexual harassment & rape culture


• Deconstructs values (parents are old fashioned) and promotes the values of organizations like Advocates for Youth & Planned Parenthood


• Presents anal & oral sex as ways to prevent pregnancy


• Starting in middle school, students are informed that they have sexual & reproductive rights apart from parents and can go to Planned Parenthood, without parent knowledge or consent


• Encourages children to role play hypothetical sexual scenarios, which leave many students feeling embarrassed and exposed


• Erotic condom demonstration using wooden phallic model


• Encourages students to use websites for additional information on sexuality, including peer to peer sex advice ( and sex ed texting websites ( – which can be accessed at school on district provided laptops


• Websites contain sex erotica for kids in the form of “anonymous” questions, personal sexual experiences and videos


• Sexual harassment lessons harass children with inappropiate role playing, and details about rape, incest, and sodomy


• Promotes controversial opinions as facts, which are not scientifically supported


• Does not represent shared community values and is not culturally sensitive

How to Get Involved

There are a variety of ways to help build a Respect Culture. We recommend you sign the petition, like our facebook page, and build respectful relationships with teachers & principals, and communicate your concern.

Contact the school board members ( and encourage them to suspend this extreme comprehensive sexuality  curriculum and locate an age appropriate one, that represents our shared community values.

Contact San Diego Assembly Member Dr. Shirley Weber (author of the California Healthy Youth Act) & respectfully share your concerns and ask her to restore parental rights.

The current state of the law is allowing extreme curriculum into schools, which requires NO PERMIS­SION from PARENTS. Minimally we need an OPT-IN to hold school districts accountable.

Her Sacramento office can be reached at (916) 319-2079, local office (619) 531-7913 and website –

the Petition

Signing the petition will help to acquire enough signatures to bring our concern in front of the Board of Education.

us on Facebook

The more likes we receive on our facebook page the broader our reach is on social media to help parents, teachers, and educators to know about this curriculum.

the word

Share this information with your friends, family, teachers, educators. Help us to make sure everyone is informed and knows that this curriculum is being taught in our schools.

Show Up

Support us as we ask the San Diego Unified Board of Education to suspend this harmful and extreme curriculum and replace it with one that represents our shared community values.

Rally with us February 5, 2019 at 4:30PM

Board Meeting

Join us for the Board Meeting, Feb. 5, 2019 at 5:00pm


Want help or instructions on speaking up at a board meeting?

Opt Out

The state of California has a “passive” consent policy regarding sex education, meaning if a parent does nothing then your child will automatically receive the curriculum. In order to prevent that, you need to “opt” them out.

There are 2 ways to opt out of the curriculum:

1. Write a letter to your child’s teacher

2. Email your child’s teacher